Monday, March 16, 2009

Otesha Project: cycling to save the world

The Otesha Project was dreamed up by two young Canadians, Jessica Lax and Jocelyn Land-Murphy at the tend of a gap year in Kenya. They were concerned at the lack of opportunities for young Kenyans whilst they had a much more optimistic future. They wanted to take the message of sustainable living in a fairer world to young Canadians, which they did by organising cycle tours across Canada and putting on plays and discussions in community centres, schools, campuses, festivals and other locations. What's a more powerful way of getting the message out to young people than a bunch of young people arriving by bicycle and performing a humorous play and providing simple and effective ideas for what other people could do to help make a better world. “Otesha” means “reason to dream” in Ki-Swahili.

Otesha came to the UK in 2007, where it is run by young Canadian Liz McDowell. Their latest campaign features Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the BBC hit TV show “Top Gear”, which is seriously pro-car. Find out more at:

Join in the next UK cycle tour:

Find out more about Otesha and download their amazing handbooks at:

(for the Canadian version), and

(for the UK version).

- from the 365 ways March 2009 newsletter

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